Compilation of PDMP Statutes and Regulations by Topic

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In order to provide an in-depth overview of prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) across the United States, the PDMP Training and Technical Assistance Center (PDMP TTAC) located at the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) has compiled a complete listing of the statutes and regulations, broken down by topic area, in each state, territory, and jurisdiction with a PDMP. The table of contents on the following page includes a link to the section related to the named topic. Each section contains a short description of the topic area and tables for each topic listing the statutes and regulations related to that topic for each PDMP as well as summaries of the statutory and/or regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction.

Please note that the information in this document is based on the statutes and regulations in each jurisdiction. Every effort has been made by PDMP TTAC to ensure its accuracy and it will be updated from time to time. Where the information in this table differs from information reported to PDMP TTAC by a state PDMP administrator, the difference is usually due to a state interpreting their law to allow a practice that is not set out specifically in law or rule. Questions regarding the laws and regulations of a specific state should be referred to the PDMP administrator for that state.

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